Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Puerto Princesa, Palawan!

Hi friends!

Summer time is in the air and what does it simply mean? It's the best time for beach getaway and out of town sight seeing!

Have you already thought of the best yet pocket-friendly tour this season? Have you already decided of the unforgettable place to visit that could make your social networks' friends envious once you uploaded your travel photos? (I assume that you would post photos, wouldn't you?) And most importantly, have you seen one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature?

If you couldn't answer any of the above questions, then you just got a good news! Haha! I could help you answer all of these for you.


I don't travel much because of lack of moolah. But this tour is one of the best tours I've had because it gave me a chance to see one of the most amazing creations of Mother Earth in a very inexpensive way. When my friends told me about this, I didn't even hesitate to come. Our stay was only 3days and 2 nights but yet it still sufficed all our adventure cravings. And if I would be given a chance to have another tour there, I would go again!

Because our stay there was a bit short, the tour was also limited. Knowing that Puerto Princesa, Palawan has a lot to offer, a longer vacation is advised. Our itinerary was consists of tours at Ihawig River Firefly Watching Mangrove, Honda Bay (island hopping and snorkling), Wild Life Rescue and Conservatory Park, Crocodile Farm, Ihawig Prison and Penal Farm, Baker's Hill at Billionaire's Village, Puerto/ Asuncion Bay and City market. And of course, nevertheless, a breathtaking tour in Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the Philippines' pride. Our stomachs also screamed to happiness because lots of restaurants there cater an eat all you can serving in a sumptuous buffet in an affordable price. It was like a feast every meal. I could say that no time was wasted and my discerning eyes was really mesmerized. Hence, every split second was enjoyable and worth it!

So, anyone whose interested in visiting Palawan and looking for a travel agency to manage the tour, I highly recommend the travel and tour agency we had. It offers the best and most reasonable packages. Package is inclusive of buffet lunch/dinner, breakfast set, entrance fees, boat tranfers, aircon van shuttle (for roundtrip airport transfer and the whole tour), cozy accommodation (may it be in a hotel or a pension house), airfare (optional) and a service of a licensed tour guide.

And another great news, I could help you book your tour with them so you would surely have a great Palawan experience! Hassle free!

Should you have further queries and in need of more information, feel free to message me at

And to tempt you more, here are some of the hundred photos we had in our tour last year that was of course managed by the said agency.

Before entering Underground River. A hat is required to protect your head from bats' pee inside the cave. 

Outside the cave where you can see the water flow from the sea to the river.

Entrance of the cave.

You need to ride a boat to get to the island where PPUR is located.

It was really dark inside the cave and it was hard to take a photo because there was only one provided huge flashlight (small is not enough) per boat.
Luring view of Palawan islands from the plane.

Also. you could visit Puerto Princesa Underground River official website, .

Have a great summer, people! :)

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