Thursday, May 03, 2012

City of Vintage

A beach escapade wouldn't be perfect if you wouldn't flaunt your body clad in a dainty swimsuit.

Many of us, girls, are dubious on how we would look in sexy little bikinis. And it is harder for some who tote unwanted love handles and cellulite.

For those who want to conceal those belly fats and stretch marks, worry no more girls! The remedy is out, the retro trend is back, High Waisted Bikinis!

And to help you have these fashionable bikinis, let's welcome CITY OF VINTAGE !

CoV is just new in swimsuit industry but is currently making its name to fame. With CoV collection, you could still display your body without being too much conscious of your tummy secrets.

CoV array of swimsuits is mostly consists of high waisted. This style was originally considered vintage and was worn in past generations but with the comeback of the trend, this isn't just for grannies anymore. With the creative minds of the people behind CoV's success, they revived the retro bikinis with uniqueness in touch of modern elegant design.

CoV fashionable beautiful swimwear are available in selection of sizes, designs and very affordable prices.

Here's a peak of their collection.

Toasted Collection

Paradiso Collection

Sun Tan Collection

CoV girls spotted.

They also offer some low rise bikinis.

Tanned Collection

Ditch those shorts and sandos, stop scrambling on your cover ups every after dip, instead, showcase that body in oozing confidence and be fab with CITY OF VINTAGE 's quaint swimsuit!

Feel free to check their online shop, City of Vintage, Philippines .
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